Being a better breeder

People ask me all the time what can I do to be a better breeder so I am going to make a few suggestions here to answer that question. Where do you begin? With quality, make sure you buy quality animals that are healthy, feeding and amazing in colors. I’ve said it a thousand time’s selective breeding is the only way to set yourself apart from the others. If you buy Joe’s pastel for $75 and it looks like a normal per say , your bumblebee’s are not going to be amazing by any means. I call this setting yourself up for failure. When I go out and look for an animal to add to my collection I want to add the best example of that morph I can find. With that being said, always have more cages and food than you have animals. It sounds silly but this will go a long ways as your collection grows. Not much more I can really tell you on that point you will see what I mean down the road. I will touch on feeding and caging in some of my other blogs. Also patience! Nobody becomes a world class breeder overnight. The revolving door in this business insane. People always sell out before they get there first egg. Eugene B. gave me the best advice I have gotten since starting this business and so I am going to pass it along to you here. Eugene said “Don’t quit, your always one clutch,one season or one egg away from making it big or hitting that jackpot clutch, every year will get better and better and if you don’t hit it this year you’ll hit 3 next year”. Anyone reading this that has talked with me has heard me say this time and time again because it works. So far that advice has served me well so there you go. Keep your heads high and do the best you can and everything will be fine. If you guys have any questions you can always email me directly at [email protected]com   Talk to you guys soon!

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