Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my ball python not feeding?

Ball pythons are notorious for going off feed. I believe this is 100% environmental. I believe your ball python is trying to tell you something. Either it may be time to shed, or may want a  larger/smaller  cage,  it may be too cool in temperature or too hot? It could be mites have entered in, could be respiratory  it could be a number of things. I would take a good look at the animal and figure out what you could do to make the animal more comfortable?

Why is my ball python not shedding in one piece?

Your ball python needs to be sprayed down when going blue or opaque before shedding. This raise in humidty will help your ball python shed his skin. We recommend once a day of misting with a spray bottle should be adequate for your ball pythons needs.

What forms of payment do you except?

We accept all major credit cards, cash, paypal, money orders, and certified checks.

Where can I get my Constriction Addiction swag?

You can catch us at one of our shows which is listed on our site where we will be or you can email us directly for ordering information. Shirts are free with the purchase of your new animal!

What days do you ship?

We ship Monday through Wednesday this avoids any problems of deliveries laid over on the weekends. We do not ship the months of December, January or February or if its below 32 degrees at any point of the shipment. We want to assure your new animal arrives safe and sound. Most of the time we have a show booked for those months so catch us there!

How do I go about setting up a shipping date?

You can contact us directly through e-mail about setting up your shipping date to receive your new purchase.

How would I set up a payment plan?

You can e-mail us directly about an animal so we could discuss the terms and procedures of the payment plan.

What is the minimum amount I can put on a payment plan?

We don’t do payment plans on animals under $500.

What temperature should I keep my ball python at?

Your hot spot should be around 89 degrees and 82 on the cool side give or take a few degrees.Invest in a tempature gun do not guess this is one of the most important tools to have when keeping ball pythons.

When I receive my animal what if there is a problem?

We stand behind our animals %100 if there is a problem upon arrival we need to
know immediately and we will be glad to replace the animal or refund your money
with the safe return of the animal to us. After the animal is in your care for
several days we can not justify what could have happened to the animal.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes we do offer payment plans on a short term with a non-refundable 25% deposit
and regular scheduled payments we set-up to fit your needs.

What sort of guarantee do you offer?

We offer a guarantee that the animal arrives to you safely, alive , healthy and
guaranteed sex. Once the animal leaves its shipping box it’s in your hands and I
cannot control what happens to the animal after that point.

How often should I feed my ball python?

Every 7 days is what we feed. You are free to feed as frequently as you like. A
decent meal once a week is plenty in my opinion. If you have a bottomless feeder
and you want her to grow try every 5 days.

How do I house my ball python?

Depending on your purpose whether its a display animal or you have multiple animals is what set-up is best for you. I prefer rack systems all the way. Makes life alot easier. There are tons of videos and information out there for husbandry of ball pythons. We will put some videos up ourselves to answer a lot of these questions.

How old do ball pythons have to be in order to breed?

Males mature as early as 6 months of age and females are closer to 2 years old. Females need to be 1500g before we even consider breeding them.

What kind of bedding do you use?

We use Reptichip Premium Coconut substrate. This is the best substrate we have ever used.

Can I keep two ball pythons in the same enclosure?

You can in a display tank if they are the same sex, as long as they are fed separately but we strongly recommend you keep the separate. It will be better for the long run.

What do you feed your hatchling ball pythons?

Our baby’s tend to take live rat pups pretty easy. There is always one out of the bunch that is stubborn and we start them with live hopper mice

Do you accept trades?

Trades depend on what you have. I am a sucker for pied females and combo males. So I am always looking for those. I am very picky about who I get animals from so please don’t be offended if I don’t take your trade. Trades basically are for animals that we want in our collection we have no part in “flipping” or re-selling trades.

Fell free to contact us today with any of your questions, comments, or concerns.