If you were me what would you do?

I get this question about every other phone call so I am going to do a little blog about how I can help some of you with this same question. A lot of people ask me “if you were me what would you do” or “where is the best place to start” and my favorite “what’s going to make the money the fastest”. First things first you have to decide what you like and want to work with. I always tell everyone work with the animals you like. At the end of the day your the one that has to feed, clean and see that animal day in and day out. If your animal isn’t appealing to you or enjoyable in your eyes you will become bored with that animal very quickly. Being bored leads to a lack of husbandry which leads to a sick animal which leads…… well you know. So work with animals that inspire you, that get you all worked up and excited about what your doing! Those animals and that drive is what leads down the road to success in the long run.

Also a little tip that will go a long ways especially if your new to the hobby is start with your babies. If someone is selling a adult animal there is a reason for it. When I first started I tried to cut corners and paid 3 times more for adults because I was impatient. This came to bite me in the long run a lot of those girls didn’t breed for 3-4 years. I could have raised a much better hatchling that would feed and breed like I wanted it too in that amount of time. I’ve always said there is no better animal than one you have raised on your own. Now with that said males mature at about 6 months old and most females at 2 years old.  Males depreciate in value every single year. Go ahead and get your girls together and start raising them for a year or so then find you a really good morph male the next year. With this your animals will be ready to breed about the same time. This little tip will pay off big down the road.

Also the tip you will probably get tired of hearing me preach is quality, quality, QUALITY. This by itself will carry you farther than anything I have said here. Quality shows over and over again. You can’t change the color of those brown pastels that you have waited two years to hatch because your original purchase was a few dollars cheaper than the other guy. It doesn’t hurt to pay a few extra dollars to get the one you want that will stand out from the rest. Find the prettiest example of that morph you can find and that’s your guy. When you see that animal and know you have to have that in your collection that my friend is quality!

Stay Focused!!!!! Pick a hand full of morphs you really like and focus on those. If you run out and try to buy every morph on the market its going to end very ugly. Pick your projects wisely and do your research and most importantly follow through! Remember “Don’t Quit”. There will be plenty of time to add those new projects in down the road but in the beginning try to keep it simple its much more fun that way.

Do your research on your morph and the breeder. Find out the genetics of your morph and make a plan of where you might want to go with that morph down the road. Do the research of the history of it, how it sells and price fluctuation over the years.

In the end I cant answer for you what you should do or what you should buy. Only you can answer those questions but I am here to answer your questions and try to point you in the right direction. Email me if I can help you with anything at all a [email protected]

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