Is the sky always falling?

Since I got into ball pythons 9 years ago the sky has always been falling and always will be. I can remember seeing clowns and pieds for astronomical numbers years ago when I first started this hobby. I had no idea what I was looking at or getting myself into. It took me 3 years later before I got my first pied because I was scared to loose money on the project and I still sell pieds for great money even today. The point I am trying to make is I should have bought the animal because I love pieds and not have been so concerned with the $$$.I am such a sucker for pieds they are and always will be me my favorite mutation. They’re always the first thing I sell out of every year. Why is that? It’s because they are amazing looking animals! People are going to buy reptiles for a number of reasons.  Will there always be a $20,000 ball python? Probably not but we have over 100 mutations on the market who’s to say there just going to quit popping up? They have popped up this long? I have seen several mutations with my own eyes that have proven genetic and still haven’t seen the market yet that are incredible.  There is this guy he vends some of our local shows and every time you see him or talk to him the world is coming to an end. This guy is doom and gloom 365 days a year. If I felt like that everyday why even own any reptiles why even try to breed snakes? I can’t stand to surround myself with someone so negative about something I love. As bad as it is I would say I actually dodge this person to keep from hearing these things. All I am saying is if you love reptiles and you love the animals and the industry don’t be so wrapped up on whats going on in today’s market. Have fun enjoy your animals because lifes too short. I heard a really great piece of advice a long time ago from one of the original pioneers in this industry “money is a tool, yes you need it but it wont buy time or another life so make the most of the one you have”. You will learn I am a huge moral person so you’ll pick that up I a lot of my posts. Back on topic… You can’t control what the guy beside you is selling his animals for so don’t let it bother you. What you can control is that your animals are healthy, clean and prettier so when they come back the next show they will remember you when that walmart special doesn’t make it a week. Part of being a great reptile figure is setting yourself apart from the rest. Just my .02 for this week if you guys have any topics you would like me to discuss shoot them over to me [email protected]


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