The most incredible market in reptile history


Ball pythons have become without a doubt the most incredible market ever in reptiles since the beginning of time. With all the wide spread mutations like no other reptile and its easy care/husbandy it has  allowed the number one pet snake in the U.S to become the ULTIMATE reptile market. Ball python mutations are nothing short of amazing and we shall soon see a ball python of every color on the market.  I believe the reptiles we are seeing today is just the beginning of what will come about in our future. I went to our local Petsmart the other day to get some dog food and I couldn’t help but stop and see the little reptile display. In that display was a albino ball python and a lesser ball python. To me I didn’t think much of it at the time and as I turned to walk away a little 10 year old boy walks up to the display with his mother and is absolutely blown away. This is the coolest thing he has ever seen before! At that moment it all hit me. I remember my first rush of going to get that cornsnake that I paid $120 for (yes $120).  I remember how that little boy felt and it was incredible.  I knew right then and there ball pythons will never go away. These things are so evolved with mutations that the world has never seen! We still have so far to go and we haven’t even got to the good stuff yet.  I love my ball pythons and all the mutaitons that come with them. I cant imagine my life without them. I honestly would like to just sell to 10 year old boys and girls just so I could see that excitement again because I feel what they feel. That feeling my friends is what drives this hobby not the money not the glamour and bragging rights. Deep down in every single one of us ,no matter how much money is throwing around we all got into this with one thing in mind. How cool would it be to own a snake! I love what I do and as long as I can afford to do it I will continue to try to bring happiness to others with that cool new snake! I know people are determining there happiness on there sales right now but that’s not where this is going for me.  Everyone wants to make money we all have loved ones and family’s we need to support but in the end money is a tool yes you need it but it wont buy happiness. Do what you love guys if its not reptiles then get out but the few of us that have that burning desire will still be here when all the smoke clears. This is just my opinion but when the 8,000 petcos and petsmarts start putting lucys, pieds, and potions etc. etc.. in there stores I think your going to start seeing the shows fill up with those people who have the love for the animals and not the almighty dollar. I am excited about our future in this industry and we still have a long ways to go. Hope to see you all soon and keep checking back for more ramblings !

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