The Turnover

Hey guys,
I wanted to talk with you about a couple things that we have encountered in our industry lately.

I feel like we are seeing the very first turnover in the reptile world since the beginning of reptiles. The big names are just not what they used to be anymore. Some are gone and some are slowly dying out. Why is that? This industry has some of the most horrendous cut throat moments in its history and 90% of the industry knows nothing about it. Almost like dirty drug deals among breeders since the start of this whole thing. I’ve always said its amazing nobody has ever got killed over reptiles. High end reptiles. Stuff so high up the chain it’s easy to bury and that’s why nobody will ever hear about it. Since the start of social media, the mask has been removed on a lot of these so called “big names”. They have also been left behind a little bit as well. Don’t get me wrong I have a crazy amount of respect for what they have accomplished over the last 20 years and what they had to go through to get it done. I really believe a lot of those stories are dying with those names and we are moving on to a new generation of breeders. A more legit and honest way of building there new breeding operation.
So, what’s the point of this blog? I sat the other day listening to a podcast from a pioneer of the industry and let me say I had an incredible amount of respect for this guy before we go into this. So, as I listen to this podcast I hear this desperate attempt to promote sales and use his name that has such merit to drive home a project. All the legacy that you have carried with that name, you used it to leverage and cover lies to promote a project that you have $0 invested in and you know that everything you said on that podcast was a lie, just tells me that the rumors are true. Now let me say this would not bother me so much if I didn’t know 100% that what they said was a lie. We are seeing the first turn over in the business and the names we all come to know are no longer going to be around in 5-10 years. It’s a new age, it’s a new era.
So, what led up to all of this? Think of the reptile industry as a tribe. Each individual leader has its own tribe. Every time that leader takes or steps on a member of that tribe (the industry) he kills it little by little until we are left with nothing. Well what’s nothing? Nothing being every individual tribe member, every investor, and every legit breeder is now unwilling to put that 20k out for that SH, Banana, or whatever it may be. Why? HISTORY The leader that they put all their faith in, all their money, faith, trust in has stepped on their investment and made sure it was nearly impossible for them to succeed. Why would they do that? GREED, and trying to stay alive because every investment requires finding a new tribe to convince and to invest because they burned the town down on the last investment. After you go from town to town burning them down and all the smoke clears there is a deep dark charcoal path behind you and you have nowhere left to go. I think that is there Karma for what they have done over the last two decades. I’m not saying every big name is the devil because that’s not what I am saying. There are pioneers who are still breeding today that removed themselves from this equation nearly a decade ago to simply not be a part of what the industry had become. Am I saying the bad guys sold fake hets? Some of them but most of them sold the correct animals. Some of them wasn’t their fault. Some could have been employees some could have been an attempt to pay bills or a simple mistake in their facility. Most of them sold what they were advertising. The fact of the matter is it’s not about what they sold them, it’s how they treated them and the project after the customer invested there years of savings with them.
This is not a doom and gloom blog even though it may seem like it. Why? We are seeing a new tunnel. A new light. Honesty, Integrity and Helpful Breeders Vs. the cut throat, money hungry, fight or flight mentality that this industry has run on the last 20 years. The market is wide open for new breeders to step up and claim a major role in the industry. So, get to it! If this is your passion if this is what you love and wake up every day thinking this is what I want to do with my life then go for it! Look what JKR has done just in the last 3 years! Incredible! Just like the rest of the world we are going to see a major shift in the reptile world in social media, trade shows, and the market. I made a post the other day starting to go into the fight mode we have all been associated with and try to set the story straight but at the end of the day when you read through it and you see how desperate that attempt was to revive their business. There is no point in attacking that battle. If their business is at the point of stooping that low to put your 20-year reputation on line then it’s already too late for you. It’s a slow decline over the next 5 years for you from here. I just can’t help but think to myself man I really feel bad for that guy? Why? I have been there. Well my family anyways. Not with reptiles but other business. 1.6 Million in debt and almost lost everything.
So, what was the point of this blog? Oh, yea to tell you guys about the reptile business and how it’s ready for change and we are now seeing a healing process through the New age of breeders that are coming into the business. There is so much that I have seen in the last 10 years that I have had a front row preview too that nobody wants to hear. Nobody wants to hear the negativity no matter how bad it is. We only want the positive, we only want to hear the stories of the guy who made it from nothing. It gives us hope at the end of the day and that is why this will be my only blog in reference to the underside of this industry. We want the reinforcement we want the positive and I will say this as well. A lot of the voices we have today in 2018 are not positive influences on this industry. The tone that they give off is completely negative no matter how positive they try to front. We as a reptile industry are ready for a new age. We are ready for a new leadership. I think we are super ready for new content. The same content has been put out over and over till it’s all the same. We need new content and I myself will do my best to give it to you. I am working on new information daily as I type this I’m already planning my next blog and when I am going to release my first video. I really hope this blog gave you guys a little glimpse into the the future and maybe gave some of you some insight to see that the future is wide open and its waiting for you to grab it. I really hope that you continue to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as we really plan to shake things up a bit in 2018. I hope to see you all sometime soon. Take care and we wish everyone the best and hope you all work even harder toward your goals. Thank you, guys, for reading my blog! Until next time.

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