Trade show saturation

I have mixed feelings about all the recent shows being booked lately. Shows are definitely not what they used to be. Years ago when I first got into this there was only a show about every 3-4 months. This allowed people to have something to look forward too. People would save there money up to go to a show and purchase an animal they have wanted for quite some time. Now in my area just say the month of November I have 4 shows back to back within a 3 hour drive? Now it’s great that there is a ton of new people coming through the door which brings our industry to a more wide spread market but most of the time this really benefits the dry good vendors and the guys selling normals and corn snakes for $10-$20,for the hardcore breeders this is not so good.

Our show that we loved so much to see other breeders and hobbist that shared the same passion we do has now turned into a petting zoo. So now that the sales have declined because of show saturation your now looking at vendors scrambling to make a sale and cover there costs which introduces “the price war”. No matter what business your in your always going to have that guy who is 20% cheaper on any given day. This is what sets the breeder out from the hobbyist. The breeder has put tons of hours in feeding, cleaning and maintaining his collection along with his investments, he needs to see the fruits of his labors. The hobbyist doesn’t have that much time with his animals and as long as he makes something he’s happy.  So the question is where do you stand? A good friend of mine opened my eyes to this concept and what you have to figure is all the factors that went into that animal. The investment, the time, and the housing , the feeding and cleaning for that animal. Is it really fair for you to go out and buy the best looking example of a morph and then have to give the animal away after all your hard work because the guy who didn’t buy quality is 20% cheaper. Not at all! Stand your ground, there will be someone that will come along that appreciates your quality and time with your animals. Now you as a breeder have to figure out where you stand and that will be a step in the right direction to seperate you from the rest. At this point as far as trade shows go the best advice I can give to you as a breeder/vendor is pick and choose your shows wisely and try not to get caught up in the over saturation of shows. Be patient and it will pay off for you better than the quick buck$$$. Talk to you guys soon. If there is a topic any of you guys would like me to blog on or my opinion on shoot me a email ill be glad to give you my opinion on it.


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