Where it all begins???

It all begins with that first snake or reptile you hold that gives you that complete rush and amazement! Still yet confused why this “so called” deadly reptile didn’t try to kill you? I have alot of faith in the future of this market because of this reason. Every show there’s always that little kid who wants to just be able to own a snake a lot less own a collection of any size or caliber.
We need to start looking at where we want our industry to be in 10 years rather than what it is today. As long as there are humans being born on this earth there will always be curiosity along with that new burning desire to be a Justin Kolbyka, Colin Weaver, Ozzy Boids or any big name for that matter. That new blood that we sometimes over look coming through that door at the trade show “just wanting to hold a snake” is the future of our industry. A little bit can go a long ways in this industry so just take the time with the new people, as much as the guy wanting to spend 10k. You never know where it might go and besides what can it hurt to have another reptile enthusiast? I’m not just picking on any certain person in any group because I am guilty just as much as the next guy believe me but after some long thought of why I started doing this I certainly realized its very easy to get off track with all the $$$ flying around. Just remember that feeling you had the very first time you fed your snake or brought your new animal home and hold on to it forever. If you ever loose sight of that feeling its time to get out and find another hobby.
Just my .02 for this week. Hope to see you all plundering around my site and seeing some of you at the next couple of shows. If you guys have any other ideas or topics you would like me to blog on shoot them over to me at [email protected].com

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